Weekly Paw Print is an informative, entertaining and educative blog written by ME! Lol, even though I’m supposed to add a name, I’m most commonly known as Nana.

I just want the entire public to enjoy reading my posts and come back for more the way everyone eats a giant box of chocolates! I’m in college though, so this is really just a hidden hobby of mine and I hope you guys have as much fun reading it as I do writing it……

I know what you’re probably thinking- how did she come up with such an obscure name for her blog? Lol, well, I really want a dog and I’m so bent on having one but my folks won’t let me have one, and I also got inspired by the Disney Channel series, Dog With A Blog….. So right there the craziness started! Haha, I hope you guys out there support me by reading and commenting on my posts. If you have any suggestions, ideas, stories or anything you want me to post, contact me via email at otsebolunaomi@gmail.com. Peace, Nana out!